Live in the now.

It is like the new Luluc album Passerby captured all my inner thoughts, so brilliant


"We are all, everyone in this room, so fortunate."


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I just had an embarrassing realisation that ‘Midsomer Murders’ is referring to the county in England Midsomer, not that all of the murders take place in the midsummer like how ‘A Midsummers nights dream’ is set then. How I didn’t notice the spelling difference and work it out in twelve years is beyond me and now none of my friends are answering their phones to consul me! Help I doubt everything in the universe now!

Top 5

I had to scroll for a long time to find my last installment of ‘Top 5’ and with my last post around a year ago, the next edition in the chronicles is well due. This year there has been a significant shift in interests, with marked changes to the line up. However first lets recap on what was
James Franco,
Jon Hamm,
Ryan Gosling,
Will Arnett,
Noel Fielding.

This has changed to:

Ryan Gosling - The one and only, a great mix of sweet, funny and serious,

Jon Hamm - One of the strongest in the top five he is very similar to Ryan in that he is the perfect combo of focused and serious about his job but apparently fun and funny in his down time.

George Clooney - The classic, I don’t really know how he wasn’t in here before because I have always had a huge liking for him… He ticks the same boxes as Ryan and Jon but he also has a lake house in Italy so that also adds to the appeal.

Adam Driver - What can I say, he is an amazing actor and appears to be a very candid guy. I am confident he will be a very decorated star of the future and I love the energy he exudes - he isn’t your conventional handsome guy and I love that cause he makes his own brand really appealing.

Louis Theroux - The wild card, but not really… He is smart and funny and has the same qualities as the others but isn’t dissimilar to Adam Driver in that he has his own unconventional appeal but totally owns it.

So there you go - a move away from straight up comedians and towards guys who have the combo of serious and funny… Also a move towards tall guys with glasses and beards (sometimes).




When I used to work at the cinema I thought that going to the movies by yourself was sad or lonely. I have learnt that you are not lonely but alone… And in this world how often are you truly anonymous? If you go to a cinema where the chances of bumping into an acquaintance are low, you get to enter a room, and let the darkness swallow up who you are and transport you to another world. For those few hours you get to shed your identity, your fears and your worries and just enjoy the practice of being.

And that’s why I love going to the movies

I will resign myself to living in a cycle of yearning then resentment of the yearning. Then I will listen to some Joni Mitchell, and it will all be fine.


Today’s Classic: Mermaids

1. By John William Waterhouse (1900)

2. By Lord Frederick Leighton (1858)

3. By Gaston Hoffman (1926)

4. By John William Waterhouse (1900)

5. By John Collier (1890)